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Tec-Do 2.0 is committed to becoming the world's best growth-empowering BI company, helping more Chinese brands enhance their international competitiveness and promoting the upgrading of foreign trade exports through constantly iterating technology and services. We aim to lead the world trend and promote the development of the real economy.

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As a global leading BI company that empowers global growth,
Tec-Do 2.0 strives to provide Chinese companies with end-to-end solutions to global growth.

AI closed-loop marketing

Empower efficient innovation

Helped over 30,000
Chinese companies
go global

2023 Insight Report for
Mobile Energy Storage
Companies to Go Global

TopTou Access to
Global Resources

Global Marketing

-Master a global perspective with 480+ hotspots
-Keep track of important dates with colorful icons
-Make cross-cultural content clearer

BI Platform to
Empower Global Growth

Leveraging global traffic, advanced BI technology and an expert service team, Tec-Do 2.0 provides end-to-end solutions for Chinese companies to go global, expand overseas markets and achieve global growth.

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End-to-end Services for Going Global

Empower Global Growth from Beginning to End

Digital Marketing
Brand Marketing
Marketing Cloud SaaS

Innovative Marketing for Going Global

AI Promotes Global Growth

Based on advanced technology and quality products, Tec-Do 2.0 deeply integrates global traffic service resources, designs advertising materials with technology and effectively transforms them into products through precise implementation. Massive data are collected to connect the marketing chain and optimize decision-making, thus promoting technology-based global business growth.

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Our Advantages

Global Traffic BI Technology Professional Service
全球流量资源 全球流量资源
Fastest-growing partner of the world's top three mainstream media platforms
mata Official Authorized Agent
google Official Authorized Agent
tiktok Official Authorized Agent
Work with effective media resources (more than 2 million overseas social media influencers, vertical media, apps, etc.)
聚合APP logo
商业智能技术 全球流量资源
Closed-loop Marketing Solutions for Various Application Scenarios to Ensure Exponential Growth
媒体Marketing One-stop
创意AIGC Creative AIGC
标签体系 Personalized Tag System
精准优化 Precise
of Marketing
150 Billion+ Monthly Views
8.2T Daily Data Increase
10+ Times Better Advertising
1 Million+ Advertising Materials
专业Services团队 全球流量资源
Top Experts in Various Fields from All over the World Ensure Efficient Implementation
技术专家 Technical Experts
战略专家 Strategic Experts
投放专家 Advertising Experts
优化专家 Optimization Experts
创意专家 Creative Experts
本土团队 Localized Team
10+ Professional Offices
200+ Countries/Regions
24/7 Localization Services

Helped over 30,000 Leading Chinese Brands Go Global

manguo tv
  • miniso

    As the lead agency, Tec-Do 2.0 developed core ideas for MINISO's promotional activity and facilitated its implementation in a coordinated manner by requiring its service providers in various markets to cooperate with the promotional activity. Finally MINISO enhanced its brand image, customer preference and loyalty with its doll products.

    1,000+ Global Stores Covered
    29 Million+ TikTok Views
    22 Countries Covered
  • TCL

    To comprehensively enhance TCL's global market influence, Tec-Do 2.0 compared TCL and other top global smart TV brands in terms of market, audience, and marketing strategy, and developed an annual global advertising plan for TCL in key moments such as IFA and CES.

    12+ Countries Covered
    5亿+ People Covered in a Single Event
    200,000+ Engagements per Single Event
  • 火狐

    For the release of a new game by NetEase Games, Tec-Do 2.0 developed a comprehensive marketing plan for brand integration by combining the characteristics of Southeast Asia and highlights of the game.

    100 Million People Covered
    400,000+ Total Live Streaming Views
    50,000+ Total New Followers Monthly
  • hebe

    With a leading layout and rich experience on TikTok Shop, Tec-Do 2.0 helped HEBE Beauty build a local live streaming system and offered it social media influencer marketing, advertising material production and local live streaming.

    10 Million Monthly GMV in US Dollars
    200%+ Live Streaming E-commerce Growth Rate
    320,000+ Engagements in TikTok Challenge
  • bilibili

    Tec-Do 2.0 helped Bilibili comprehensively reduce costs and improve next day retention rate of its Southeast Asian project by optimizing programs, such as innovative explorations of animes and diversified advertising materials.

    100%+ Month-on-month Growth in Activation for 6 Consecutive Months
    38%-44% Next-day Retention Rate
    1,000+ Advertising Material Produced Monthly
  • TV

    Tec-Do 2.0 analyzed Mango TV and top long-form video products for going-global markets in terms of positioning and audience and customized a promotion plan that focused on "female" and "youth". As a result, Mango TV got high-quality users in the Southeast Asian market as much as possible.

    200% Month-on-month Growth in Activation for 3 Consecutive months
    90% Budget Used Achieved the Goal of Audience Attracted  
    Achieved the Goal of Audience Attracted
    1,000+ Advertising Material Produced Monthly
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Honors and Awards

国家高新技术企业 National High-tech Enterprise
优秀产品奖 Excellent Product Award
最具投资价值科技成果 Science and Technology Achievement with Highest Investment Values
广东省专精特新中小企业 Guangdong Province SMEs that Use Special and Sophisticated Technologies to Produce
广州未来独角兽创新企业 Innovative Future Unicorn Enterprise in Guangzhou
互联网行业全国第二名 Top 2 in China’s Internet Industry
广州最具成长性文化企业20佳 Top 20 Most Promising Cultural Enterprises in Guangzhou
跨境电商数字Services商TOP15 Top 15 Cross-border E-commerce Digital Service Providers
最佳游戏类市场Marketing奖 Best Marketing Award for Games
Best Mid-to-long-tail Operation Award for Non-games
优秀合作伙伴官方认证徽章 “Google Partner Premier" badge
年度出海突破合作伙伴 Excellent Partner of the Year for Breakthroughs in Going-global Marketing
Excellent Agent for Going-global Marketing
中国出海领导品牌行业大奖 Best Marketing Award for Games
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