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About Us

Tec-Do 2.0 is committed to becoming the world's best growth-empowering BI company, helping more Chinese brands enhance their international competitiveness and promoting the upgrading of foreign trade exports through constantly iterating technology and services. We aim to lead the world trend and promote the development of the real economy.

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Help Customers
Go Global More Efficiently with Digital Tools

Tec-Cloud is a digital media SaaS management tool developed by Tec-Do 2.0. Based on the AI SaaS platform, it integrates overseas digital growth with various application scenarios in an intelligence-, tool- and process-based manner. With one-stop digital growth operation tools and services, it helps Chinese enterprises go global.

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Integrate Cloud and Intelligence


Innovative Tools to Help Customers Go Global

Continue to Lead the World in the New Era

With excellent technology and products, Tec-Do 2.0 deeply integrates global digital media resources, generates contents with AI technology and ensures effective digital growth with fine management. Massive data enable optimized decision-making and business intelligence. Technology enables global business growth.


Help customers go global with technology in the whole process and drive digital growth with AI

80,000+ 80,000+ Enterprises Served
150,000+ Accounts under Management
1 Million+ Marketing Materials
150 Billion+ Users Reached Monthly
10+ Times Higher Account Management
10+ Times Higher Advertising Efficiency
图片 Budget Management
Budget Management

Customized budget plan: Personalized budget plan to control ad placement strategy and budget allocation in the initial stage

Intelligent budget optimization: Dynamically adjust the budget based on AI algorithm model and optimize development strategy in real time

图片 Asset Management
Asset Management

Account opening: Official agent qualifications for mainstream media platforms including Google, TikTok and Meta, convenient online account opening

Account management: One-stop easy management of multimedia digital resources, real-time consumption data

图片 Intelligent Ad Placement
Intelligent Ad Placement

Cross-media ad placement: Connect Chinese and overseas advertising platforms, push and place creative materials with one click, and accurately obtain public domain traffic

AI warning: Customize monitoring conditions and accurately monitor the target area

AI ad placement optimization: Support customized optimization strategies and provide automatic optimization of AI advertising effects

图片 Data Analysis
Data Analysis

Real-time data recovery: Support multi-channel management, real-time aggregation of digital media data, no cumbersome data statistics, and improve ad placement efficiency

Intelligent data analysis: Support customized settings of analysis dimensions, realize efficient data comparison and analysis, dynamically adjust the sales effect with algorithm


Digital aggregation of global media resources
efficient collaboration to accelerate the going-global process

One Billion+ Number of Smart Devices Covered
2 Million+ Effective Digital Media Resources
200+ Countries and Regions Covered
10 billion+ Daily Views
Collaboration with Partners

Intelligent aggregation of digital media resources from 200+ countries and regions around the world

Accurate user profiles with big data and business intelligence

One-stop real-time monitoring and feedback on channel operation

Automatically set the strategy to optimize traffic flow based on the user behavior monitoring system

图片 图片


Create massive designs efficiently and promote them all over the work at one click

50% 图片 ROI
60% 图片 Conversion Cost
3 Times+上涨 Quality Materials Designed
5 Times+上涨 Material Design
图片 Insights

Digital Materials: Algorithms analyze and deconstruct popular and high-quality contents in real time, providing insights into global consumer preferences efficiently

Cloud Storage Material Library: Cloud-based materials and assets can be flexibly used across channels and accounts. The library connects internal shared material libraries and optimizes collaborative team management

图片 Content Production
Content Production

Material deconstruction: Split video scenes with AI to efficiently deconstruct video sub-scenes in terms of logic, script strategy, content label and streaming copy

AI video creation: Batch create high-quality content, automatically generate an audio featuring several languages, tones

图片 Material Analysis
Material Analysis

Material label management: Support customized label systems, analyze the quality of the material based on the label report, and provide data reference for updates

Analysis of material effect: Real-time retrieval of growth data, multi-dimensional comprehensive analysis report that aggregates all media data to meet the needs of various application scenarios


Help cross-border merchants to go global for better development and efficiently outline the second growth curve

Commodity Management

Batch release and copywriting of products: Realize batch release and copywriting of products at one click, saving the operation time of the store

Classified commodity management: Support the one-click application of commodity classification templates, which makes the information of various commodities clear at a glance

Intelligent synchronization of cross-channel products: Support automatic synchronization of Shopify products at TikTok Shop, lowering the threshold for opening stores and efficiently expanding sales Intelligent synchronization of cross-channel products: Support automatic synchronization of Shopify products at TikTok Shop, lowering the threshold for opening stores and efficiently expanding sales

Transaction Management

Intelligent order management: Collect and synchronize store data from different platforms, support centralized management of orders on Shopify and simplify store operation

Intelligent inventory management: Automatically calculate inventory according to the rules of each platform, accurately prevent overstock sales and improve operational efficiency

Transaction data analysis: Aggregate transaction data, provide well-functioning statistical analysis models and optimization tools and optimize growth decision-making

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