About Us
About Us

Tec-Do 2.0 is committed to becoming the world's best growth-empowering BI company, helping more Chinese brands enhance their international competitiveness and promoting the upgrading of foreign trade exports through constantly iterating technology and services. We aim to lead the world trend and promote the development of the real economy.

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Global reach for high-quality
customer acquisition
Official agency for mainstream media
Traffic coverage in over 200 countries and regions worldwide
Coverage of over 1 billion smart devices
Commercial success with 4A-level project management
Professional team with full staffing
Regular review and reporting, closed-loop management
Comprehensive services,integrating full-case digital marketing, performance advertising, influencer marketing, and creative design
Scientific insights for a
second growth curve
In-depth understanding of local market culture and tracking competitor promotion strategies
Integrating big data on local user preferences and social media topics
Local media analysis, multi-regional media penetration rates, and benchmarking
Accurately targeting user profiles, customized channel deployment combinations
Local expertise, global success
Customizing marketing plans that fit local characteristics
Local execution teams in multiple regions worldwide
Overcome language, cultural, and cognitive barriers in foreign countries
UE4/3D creative materials
Live-action shooting
H5 trial play ads
PV brand promotional videos
Efficient creative script
Categorized copyrighted audio materials
Professional dubbing, narration, and translation services
E-commerce product photography
Empowering growth
through visualization
One-stop Saas tools improve advertising efficiency by over 30%
Automated material crawling, GID acquisition, and batch ad creation
Full-process data tracking and insights, real-time monitoring of ad performance
Data tracking support
Material crawling
Manual screening
Automatic GID acquisition
Customized data reports
Automatic ad creation
Material processing
Our Highlights
Ultra-wide global traffic

Official agency qualifications for top global media, over 2.6 million regional media and influencer resources, and traffic coverage in over 200 countries and regions worldwide.

Local execution teams

Professional localized execution teams are established in major regions worldwide, familiar with overseas culture and hotspots

Cutting-edge technology

Facing increasingly strict cross-border compliance requirements, Tec-Do fully utilizes business intelligence technology to making overseas growth safe and controllable.

Our Showcases
  • TCL
    Customized technical solutions,
    empowering exponential growth
    Single-day exposure volume
    Above-expected retention
  • TCL
    Igniting Southeast Asia's Gen Z
    with creativity
    Southeast Asia
    Sequential growth in activation
    for 6 consecutive months
    Next-day retention rate
  • TCL
    Injecting versatile youthfulness into
    Southeast Asia, enhancing cultural confidence
    Southeast Asia
    Sequential growth in activation for        
    3 consecutive months
    Achieved for drainage target
  • TCL
    Exclusive full-service marketing to
    seize Latin American market
    Latin America
    Annual spending on a single channel($)
  • TCL
    Targeted creative direction to
    attract core audience
    CPI lower than the assessment level
  • TCL
    One-stop TikTok promotion to
    convey the concept of enjoying life
    56 billion
    Total views
    6000 million
    Total coverage of topics
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