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About Us
Tec-Do 2.0 is committed to becoming the world's best growth-empowering BI company, helping more Chinese brands enhance their international competitiveness and promoting the upgrading of foreign trade exports through constantly iterating technology and services. We aim to lead the world trend and promote the development of the real economy.
Smart analysis statements
Smart analysis statements

Self-defined and advanced inquiry analysis based on special business scenarios
in different dimensions. Analysis dimension and inquiry conditions can be saved
as a report template in dimensional analysis.It supports various data sources
and integrates them into one statement

Smart monitoring
Smart monitoring

We offer a smart monitoring function to activate abnormal alerts based
on pre-defined conditions or Pole Star indicator fluctuation alerts
Well-rounded data verification to ensure data compliance

Smart monitoring
Customized statements
Customized statements

We provide customized statements based on regular analysis scenarios
for each business line so that customers can acquire business rapidly
and easily Increase data subject to analysis in various sectors
to create all kinds of cool data visualization effect

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