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Tec-Do 2.0 is committed to becoming the world's best growth-empowering BI company, helping more Chinese brands enhance their international competitiveness and promoting the upgrading of foreign trade exports through constantly iterating technology and services. We aim to lead the world trend and promote the development of the real economy.


Access to Global Resources, AI Monitoring for Steady Growth

TopTou is a one-stop cross-media advertising tool designed for going-global expansion teams. The platform supports advertising aggregation and management of three major overseas media platforms, namely TikTok, Facebook and Google. With closed-loop services in various application scenarios, it helps going-global brands improve efficiency and grow.

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Free Trial Application

Closed-loop Services in Various Application Scenarios, endless marketing possibilities

Before advertising

Platform and asset management

  • VPN-free and fast advertising
  • Two-way asset synchronization and sharing
  • AI advertising copy generator
  • Creative workflow for work order review and collaboration
  • Sharing and isolation of data and assets
During advertising

Ad and advertising material design

  • Batch ad creation
  • Concept design and positioning
  • Cross-account migration of ads at one click
  • Random bidding for ads
  • Multi-layer file folder storage in the creative cloud disk
  • Custom classification of advertising materials
After advertising

Data analysis and AI

  • Multi-dimensional data analysis reports for advertising materials and ads
  • Advertising management based on end-to-end data integration
  • Insights into generation benchmark
  • 24/7 AI monitoring of ads

Online Multi-role Collaboration for Efficient Going-global Expansion


  • Check personnel personnel reports for personnel efficiency
  • in real time Coordinate buying progress


  • Manage advertising materials with web disks, enable efficient collaboration between designers and optimization specialists
  • View advertising material reports in real time, improve cross-department and cross-team collaboration efficiency

Optimization specialists

  • Batch create and manage ads, reduce repetitive work
  • Adjust advertising strategy based on advertising monetization data
  • Analyze and optimize data of advertising materials based on insights
  • Automatically generate daily, weekly and monthly reports

Our Highlights

Fast Batch Ad Creation and Management
Universal Advertising Material Library & Creative Cloud Disk
Insights into Creation Benchmark
Multi-dimensional Data Analysis Reports
AI Monitoring and Automatic Adjustment of Ads
AI-generated Advertising Copy
  • Automatic plan grouping
  • Automatic plan grouping
  • Template application
  • Cloud asset library
  • Intelligent naming
Fast Batch Ad Creation and Management
  • Batch upload advertising materials, flexible selection across channels and accounts
  • Support uploading videos in bulk to the YouTube material library
  • Connect with the BM material library and synchronize assets across accounts
  • Custom tags and multi-layer file folders for refined material management
  • Creative workflow of work order review and collaboration: collaborative management of optimization & design teams
Universal Advertising Material Library & Creative Cloud Disk
Insights into generation benchmark for personalized short videos help advertisers analyze the position of short videos in different dimensions such as industry and region
Insights into Creation Benchmark
Multi-dimensional comprehensive analysis reports aggregate data from all media platforms, including Facebook, Google, and TikTok, and support multi-dimensional data aggregation to meet advertisers' demands for full-scenario ads and advertising material analysis
Multi-dimensional Data Analysis Reports
  • Intelligent warning
  • Consumption warning
  • Advertising effect warning
  • Budget optimization prompt
AI Monitoring and Automatic Adjustment of Ads
AI automatically creates ad copy, providing optimization specialists with a wealth of inspiration
AI-generated Advertising Copy

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