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About Us
Tec-Do 2.0 is committed to becoming the world's best growth-empowering BI company, helping more Chinese brands enhance their international competitiveness and promoting the upgrading of foreign trade exports through constantly iterating technology and services. We aim to lead the world trend and promote the development of the real economy.


Tec-Do 2.0 integrates global traffic and services to provide excellent intelligent technologies and products for going-global customers from various industries.
Technologies promote business growth and products improve going-global efficiency, thus helping customers succeed overseas.
What Problems Should We Solve Before Going Global?
Slow Growth
Uncertain environment, weak marketing conversion
Difficult Platform Construction
The cross-platform marketing chain is too long, making it difficult to quickly reach target users
Scattered Traffic
Data are scattered, and user portraits can hardly be accurately determined
Unfamiliar with foreign user preferences and mainstream media, lack of local vertical resources
Digital Dilemma
High data processing costs and risks, slow digital transformation and upgrading
Tec-Do 2.0 Promotes Business Growth with Excellent Technologies and
Helps Customers Go Global with Quality Products
One-stop Cross-platform
Marketing Makes Going Global Easier
One-stop cross-media advertising covers all channels for going global
Closed-loop advertising in various application scenarios ensures comprehensive going-global marketing
Over 10 times higher efficiency in cross-media account management and advertising
Help customers achieve going-global growth multiple times
Customers Served
Accounts under Management
Advertising Materials
1500 billion+
Users Reached Monthly
10+ Times
Higher Account Management Efficiency
10+ Times
Higher Advertising Efficiency
Gather Global Traffic to Maximize Your Global Impact
Over 2.6 million social media influencers and vertical media in more than 200 countries and regions
Build the first Chinese self-service advertising platform that supports in-depth optimization based on promotion effects
The first Chinese provider of standardized and fully automatic advertising for going global
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Deep Integration of AIGC:
Unleash Your Creativity
Automatic AI mass designs of planning ideas and implementation paths
One-stop AI production of all types of advertising materials
Quickly generate highly realistic digital live streamers
Intelligent analysis of creative advertising effects to optimize strategies
Digital advertising materials management system +
internal management and collaboration
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End-to-end Mall Construction:
The Fast Lane to Cross-Border Business
Build an e-commerce website that directly connects global consumers
Professional marketing tools to achieve customer acquisition across all channels
User profile analysis ensures precise and intelligent marketing
Ensure performance for business expansion
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High-concurrency Data Processing:
The Key to Continuous Growth
Daily processing of billions of data
Industry-leading processing of 50+ dimensions
End-to-end data security and compliance
Efficient data tracking, with costs far below the industry average
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